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Wash Down Gun

We deal in best quality Wash Down Guns, which are made to serve the wash down needs. These can supply an ambit of equipment that is apt for all industry with everything from high-pressure nozzles to connections and hoses. These are of high quality as well as competitively priced. Also, these are constructed to endure the day-to-day demand and austere service conditions which exist in food processing large and industrial environments. The offered Wash Down Guns can suffice as the medium, heavy-duty and light-duty water guns. Suitable for CIP & cleaning jobs as well as cold & hot water wash down, these are highly effectual in saving water while performing cleaning chores in dairy & milk plants, breweries, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, big kitchens, meat & poultry processing industries.

Wash Down Water Gun
Wash Down Water Gun
Product Type : Wash Gun
Color : Blue
Weight : Upto 299 Grams (g)
Type : Water Gun, Other
Surface : Polishing
Supply Ability : 1 Pieces Per Day
Price : 5500 INR
Color : Silver & Blue
Product Type : Down Gun
Type : Spray Gun
Surface : Polishing
Technology : Pressure Feed
Supply Ability : 1 Pieces Per Day
Price : 5400 INR